Support & Administration

Does your database require a high level of availability? Decent SQL Database server administration is of the utmost importance, especially in mission critical environments. We offer 24/7 support & administration, and we will ensure optimal performance of your database and a high level of availability.
Together, we would like to examine what specific wishes you may have and assess how we can seamlessly connect our services with the existing administration processes and agreements within your organisation.

Do you wish to reinforce your team with a database specialist? Do you need temporary or long-term assistance? SQLBrander.nl specialists can be consulted for stand-alone day-shifts or during regular shifts on a weekly basis. We can provide both in-house and remote assistance.

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Health check

Does your database environment require some check-ups and maintenance? Do your systems require a full check up to ensure optimal performance? Opt for an SQLBrander.nl Health Check. One of our specialists will check your environment’s performance and reliability. We will assess all possible areas of improvement and we will advise you on how to optimise your database environment. Of course, we would be happy to help you implement the suggested measures.

Would you like us to perform a Health Check or would you like to receive more information? Please contact us.


SQLBrander.nl gladly provides you with consultancy on database related matters. One of our experts will sit down with you to analyse your SQL databases and their infrastructure, and they will discuss all possible improvements. In many cases, we can realise an improvement or saving. Reduced administration and licence expenses, for example, can be achieved through better design and optimised performance.

Would you like to know more about our Consultancy services and what we can do for you? Contact us for an exploratory meeting!

What is that we do? It’s our passion and expertise that characterise our work when optimising your database.

Who we are? We are a small and convivial team. Our interaction is rather informal, but the work we do is treated most seriously. There’s not a single challenge we won’t face. If a challenge takes us a little longer than expected, we order some spare ribs or pizza and we stay on the job until it’s finished.

Would you like to get to know us? We would be happy to make time for you. Freshly-brewed coffee and tea will be waiting for you… We just might have run out of M&Ms.

Gé Brander

Gé Brander

Director & Database Expert
I’ve worked with Microsoft SQL Server on a daily basis since 2002. Over the years, I’ve operated as a Freelance DBA and I’ve worked as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. Throughout the years, I’ve witnessed SQL Server grow into the full-grown product it is today. I will gladly help you navigate through the Microsoft database landscape, both on-premise and in the cloud. I would be happy to share my knowledge, findings and insights with customers and colleagues.

Robin Renkema

Robin Renkema

Database expert
The SQL Server virus has infected me too. Making databases work efficiently and automatically is what I am interested in the most. In doing so, I focus on best practices regarding Windows, SQL Server and the application. I highly value consistent personal development; I really want to keep developing my skills. I find it important to share newly acquired knowledge and skills with my environment, to ensure I am not the only one who benefits from it.

Bianca de Weerd

Bianca de Weerd

IT Service Manager
Being a freelance IT consultant, I like to help entrepreneurs run their business. Since January 2019, I have supported Gé in setting up and shaping SQLBrander.nl. Additionally, my task as IT Service Manager consists of ensuring the quality of the services we provide, and improving/optimising our processes. I am the ‘go-to’ person for internal affairs, freelancers, and SQLBrander.nl’s customers.

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